Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct information is available on the Toughest Promotions’ website at: (Website);

Responsible Gambling

Toughest Promotions are committed to selling raffle tickets responsibly to support community and charitable organisations. We are committed to providing an environment where customers can make an informed decision about their ticket purchases. This Code of Conduct forms part of that commitment and will be available on premises, on the Website and on material developed by Toughest Promotions for the promotion and conduct of raffles on behalf of community and charitable organisations.

Toughest Promotions acknowledge its responsibility in the shared nature of responsible gambling. The responsible gambling message “Play responsibly, have fun and know your limits” will be read out electronically when a person is placed on hold prior to or during a telephone contact. The responsible gambling message will also be displayed on the Website and at all places where the raffle tickets are sold.

We believe in the importance of generating awareness of the risks associated with gambling and creating and promoting environments that prevent or minimise problem gambling.

Toughest Promotions believes It is important for customers to know their budget for purchasing tickets and to make an informed decision on how much they wish to spend.

For more information, please see the below links and resources to available gambling support services.

  • Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation website: or phone 1800 858 858
  • or phone Youthline 1800 262 376

A “take a break” request or permanent self-exclusion from Toughest Promotions is available to customers. Customers are able to make a request via email at: or by telephone at: 1800 953 050 to restrict themselves from buying raffle tickets for a period of time or permanently if gambling has become an issue, or is causing others around them harm.

Customers can make a request to set a spend limit via email at: or by telephone at: 1800 953 050.

Toughest Promotions may retain personal information, for as long as required, to effectively implement the above self-exclusion facilities. The following minimum personal information will be retained by Toughest Promotions where a customer closes their account:

  • customer name;
  • customer address; and
  • customer payment details.

For more information on self-exclusion, contact Gambler's Help on 1800 858 858 or visit

Purchasing raffle tickets is prohibited for those under 18. Toughest Promotions employs a range of initiatives to validate members' identities and age, and it is a requirement of membership of our site to provide identification when requested.

If sufficient identification is not provided promptly your account can be terminated and any winnings withheld until you can sufficiently prove your identity and ownership of the account.

Commitment to discourage gambling by minors

We demonstrate our commitment to discourage minors from buying raffle tickets by displaying the message that “We do not sell raffle tickets to minors” on Toughest Promotions’ Website, online media, promotions or any sales campaigns.